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Mobile devices are changing the world.
We agree.

We harness the power of the mobile device to build and strengthen relationships between our customers and their customers. We provide everything our customers need to transform how they interact with their customers: strategy, technology, services – and results.


Consumers are increasingly utilising social media to engage with a business, with up to 62% of consumers having used social media for customer service issues. Archer Digital’s Social Self-Care service allows customers to access, manage and update their customer account via Twitter.

Twitter Self-Care service can be accessed on any device via app, mobile internet or web. Based on an open API architecture framework, the complexity of back-end integration is reduced and the service can be easily integrated across multiple carrier systems. This results in a reduced time-to-market and the removal of reliance on legacy platforms.

  • Reduce call center costs
  • Minimise customer churn
  • Control user experience
  • Increase revenue


Archer Digital offers a fully flexible white label mobile payment channel. The APG offers clients the ability to pay on their mobile phones at their own convenience. The Payment Platform closes the loop between an individual receiving a payment reminder or bill presentment on his mobile device and making a payment on their mobile device.

Archer has created and executed numerous successful MMS collection strategies. MMS and SMS collections reminders are the driving force behind the Archer Payment Platform.

  • Fully customisable
  • Multiple payment options
  • Set up ongoing debit orders
  • Offer existing clients a mobile payment channel
  • Transact between all major banks


Archer offers a specialised email delivery solution providing unsurpassed reliability and delivery performance, with granular connection controls. Offering superior message throughput, simplified setup & configuration and visibility through real-time reporting and tracking.

The solution also provides delivery assurance and reputation services, including white-listing procedures of MTA IP Addresses and sending domains with major ISPs such as Gmail, Yahoo and Windows Live Mail.

  • Web retrieval capability
  • Segmented marketing capability
  • Referral capability on all customer communications
  • Submission of PDF documents
  • Click through ability to secure web pages

And so much more!


The Archer OTT is a fully functional “White Label Chat Solution” with all the features of current market leading OTT platforms. It drives business communication to customers via Archer’s Jupiter messaging platform. Archer’s OTT Platform can integrate with existing platforms. Reach any customer anywhere as long has he has a internet connection on his mobile device!

Value of OTT for you:

  • Reduced messaging costs
  • Consumer driven
  • Efficient
  • Promotes Brand Culture

Value for the Community:

Access statements

  • Benefit from your relationship with your brand
  • Engage with the brand community
  • Get instant notifications and updates
  • Single touch point for communication/feedback

Engaging Experience

  • Updating information or making requests
  • Efficiency
  • Call and Message other users for free
  • Two way communication channel


Using the expertise gained from our patented Mobile Statement solution and the storage of its required user data, Archer Digital is proud to present the next leap forward in securely storing and accessing your sensitive information.

The ACDC provides next-level security for your data:

  • All stored data encrypted using AES-256
  • Separate Client Access Keys will be provided for each system that needs access to stored data. These systems need to provide this key when calling the APIs.
  • These keys can be revoked at any time without affecting the stored data.
  • Each Client Access Key has a corresponding Storage Key that is never shared and stored in the ACDC System.
  • Both the Client Access Key and the matching Storage Key is required to decrypt stored data.
  • Actual encryption keys are never stored.
  • Provides security and protection against both internal and external threats.
  • All data-at-rest encrypted at all times.
  • Highly secure – implemented using proven broadly adopted standards and technologies such as AES-256 and SHA 256.
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