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80% of people today would rather watch a video clip
Video storytelling has reached epic new proportions and the reason for this is simple: It is accessible anywhere and anytime, by anybody who has a smartphone. Studies show that about 80% of people today would rather watch a video clip about something of interest and are then more likely to buy a product, as opposed to when they read an article about it.

Speak to your audience in the way they prefer!

The Attention Is All Yours

Video can be explored on so many digital platforms – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube – and many other mobile apps constantly stream video content to users. Accordingly, Archer Video is expanding our video offering with great results. But if you’re still skeptical about the possibilities of mobile video, here are some facts that may interest you…

  • Studies show that people are more focused on mobile video than on television. Your product or message receives viewing that is highly focused and not distracted.
  • People don’t just watch video at home, but are also very likely to engage when away from home, especially if they need specific information about a specific topic of interest at that time.


Not only is it possible to provide your viewer with content anywhere and at any time, but it is also possible to do so in real-time! This has major implications for all kinds of markets. Training can be done on the spot – at the time that it is needed. Need to teach your employees how to carry out a particular task? Stream a “How To” video to them. Want to tell your customers more about your latest promotion? Send them a personalised message with a video link.


The deadly combo of experience, knowledge and a hunger to always keep one step ahead when it comes to mobile marketing is what drives our team…which is why we began developing more and more complex and beautifully animated videos. We also explore different platforms to host our best and most advanced animations, which is what started the idea of traditional social-based videos.


We use these videos to promote your products and/or services on platforms like your own website, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. And because we have a patented ability to custom design video, we’re also able to offer personalised video by means of more targeted channels of communication, such as personalised email or text messages with a link to a hosted video.

Impressed? We’d love to work with you!

A whole new world has opened up for mobile video and at Archer Video, we are determined to make the most of it. We provide video content that gives your brand life – we pump it up, we make it look edgy and cool, and we customise it to the needs of your audience. Your customers will love it!