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Leverage our global expertise

for the success of your mobile engagement initiatives
We’ve created, built, executed and analyzed tens of thousands of mobile initiatives across the globe. We’ve developed industry best practices by delivering country-specific and worldwide mobile initiatives, from mobile bank statements in South Africa to personalized marketing videos in the U.S. We bring this global expertise to every customer engagement.


We’ve built our mobile engagement platform to ensure your mobile initiatives are optimized to achieve your business objectives, rather than bounded by technology limitations. The platform includes comprehensive and innovative messaging capabilities that support dynamic messaging creation and selection among MMS, SMS, Push and OTT messaging.


The platform also includes complete mobile web support, application integration, and integrates easily with more than 25 different back end systems. And it supports all of this at scale, reliably and consistently. We have, for example, run the largest single video message campaign ever launched – and we’ve not had an unscheduled outage in more than two years.


We provide comprehensive strategic consulting services, developed and proven in the market to help customers deliver successful mobile engagement initiatives for maximum ROI. Our strategic consulting team has a track record of executing projects with leading international brands and is comprised of experts with extensive digital marketing, mobile marketing, industry and technical expertise.

Why you should work with us

We provide comprehensive mobile engagement services to support you from inception to delivery.
Design & Mobile Optimization Services

Our job is simple – make your message work and work well on mobile. The challenges of mobile are unique: small screens, bandwidth variations, device limitations, and geographic and regulatory challenges. We have a team of experts that deal with those issues and more, every day. We can start from scratch or take the creative you have and optimize it for mobile. We’ll work with you until its right– with very short turnaround times – and then we’ll create all the different variants to ensure we meet all of the challenges of mobile.

Technical Services

Our goal is to provide our customers with a competitive advantage with our easily integrated mobile engagement platform. For customers with custom and complex integration needs our technical team is poised to help, with the capability to build new products and applications using industry leading methodologies. Our projects confirm to the SDLC best practices and all our technical services focus on augmenting the functionality of our platform using our API Layer.

Managed Services

For the majority of our customers, we provide a complete service offering that includes everything from strategy through design, from creation through execution, and from monitoring through reporting. You don’t need to worry about many of the arcane challenges of mobile, including short code procurement and management, regulatory compliance, international delivery requirements, content adaptation across devices and content types, database integration and capture, and so on. We take care of all of this and more, so you can focus on your business.

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